My general knowledge book for competitive Exams

How will this book benefit you?

  1. General knowledge has become an essential part of human social life. Have little knowledge about most of the hot topics it not only makes aware of the world but also gives you the satisfaction of being socially accepted. The more you keep yourself aware & updated with happenings around you the better you perform, not just in the various exams but also at your work by making better decisions according to the recent tastes and preferences in the market.
  2. Divided into 5 Key Sections; History, Geography, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, General Science and General Knowledge.
  3. A general knowledge book is precisely organized to improve your general knowledge in the shortest duration of time.
  4. Provides accurate, perfect and complete coverage of facts.
This book has been prepared for the students who are going to appear for the various upcoming examinations. It covers the key subjects including History, Geography, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, General Science and General Knowledge with latest facts and updates supported by figures, graphics and tables. 
Amisha Rajpurohit
Amisha Rajpurohit@ Rajasthan
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I read your general knowledge book and I really feel very thankful to you for your book. It was really very helpful and It was easy to understand and remind the key elements. It's just like static gk capsule which coverup almost every main topic. It's is crucial for people who are preparing for competitive exam on last moment. And the MCQ's at the end of this book is amazing it helps us to how much as we got from this entire book. What knowledge we gained , I'm actually surprised that you are selling the book for free. Thank you Dilip
Harshitha@osmaina university
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This is an absolutely amazing and brilliant book right from the cover till the end. The main strengths of the book are the visually stunning illustrations and pictures as well as the huge variety of topics it covers. There are sections on space, human body, dinosaurs, marine life, amphibians, reptiles, birds, flags, geography, history and cities. My son particularly found the pages on fruits, flowers and vegetables as well as geography very engaging. It will also be a very useful addition to all school libraries as it caters to a wide age group of primary school children.
harsh raj
harsh raj@banaras Hindu university
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This is a fantastic book. The pictures are beautiful, the facts are fascinating and the book is a wonderful read. The information is impressive. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys factual books. You can test yourself when you have read the information on a topic. I’ve enjoyed looking at this book with my brother and testing each other on what we know. I found the space pages very interesting as we are learning about space in school. I like the whole book and I think it is very interesting.
yaswanth naik
yaswanth naik@ IIT Delhi
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This is a great general knowledge book covering topics such as geography, world history, Indian polity and constitution, Indian economics etc. It's a good and to the point book, good for competitive exams aspirants and for anyone who is curious for information. Sometimes you can feel the author is biased like he said that ottomans did suppress minorities and didn't allowed them to pray or let them or other( foreigners) pass for the holy journey I am not quite sure about it anyway, I should read more about this particular topic.
Niharika@ symbiosis law school, pune
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Though I would've preferred the print to be spaced out better cause everything looks squished together making it hard to study and keep track. There's no space for making notes as well. Still I would recommend it as it is compiled well. An important feature of the book is the range of subjects that it covers. It combines Social Sciences with Pure Sciences, and the content list includes subjects like Geography, History, Indian Polity, Indian Constitution, General Sciences, and Indian Economy. The final section of the book covers miscellaneous topics that students need to learn about. The book is almost like an encyclopedia, taking into account the number of topics covered. The information is provided in an organised manner.

Table of contents


  • Ancient history
  • Medieval history
  • Modern history


  • World geography
  • Indian geography

Indian Polity

  • The states 
  • Indian constitution

Indian Economy

  • Economic Growth in India: National Income Determination, GDP, GNP, NDP, NNP, Personal Income.
  • Economic and Social Development in India: Millennium Development Goals
  • Economic Growth versus Economic Development.
  • Measures of Economic Development: Human Development Index, Green GDP, Gross National Happiness Index.

Computer awareness

  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • Microsoft Windows.
  • Microsoft Office.
  • MS Word.
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Outlook


Srikanth@IIT Delhi
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I am amazed how this tiny affordable book contains all the relevant information for a quick revision. This book has surely got power. Even if you have just started your preparation, this book can be a good warm up for your brain just to prepare it for the syllabus. After going through this, when you go a level up to other detailed bulky content, or NCERT, or any other reference book, then you will find it much easier and more interested to study. And I know this is an extra book but it won't pinch your pocket too. Just ₹30 is a good buy.
Manish jain
Manish jain@ Delhi university
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This book is very simply good and best just buy it because less price with good information not only general knowledge it includes indian history, geography,Indian polity,indian economy, general science, lastly general knowledge …prefer this book who the people are boring in this corvid 19 situation and felt bad they will simply go through this book is interesting to read
manoj kumar
manoj kumar@ JNTUK kakinada
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good book for all competitive exams like ssc, bank and many other exams. It covers all the parts of gk sections like history, geography, polity, economics and science. It is helpful in covering all the static gk syllabus of ssc and bank exams and easy to understand as it's language is very easy. It helps you a lot. But for upsc and defence exams you should study ncert books of each subject in order to gain good knowledge.